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Kompa’9 …. the cutest little café in Copenhagen.

Last week I was in Copenhagen for a portrait shoot and as I was scouting for good places to photograph my subject, we stumbled upon this little gem of a café/restaurant/coffee shop. If rustic utilitarian chic is your thing, as it is mine, you most certainly do not want this one to go amiss.  I… Continue reading Kompa’9 …. the cutest little café in Copenhagen.

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Awaiting Spring…..

Spring has not sprung just yet….not in my garden anyway.  I cannot wait until I can prune a few branches from the pear tree with blossoms to brighten up corners and tables in my home.  Not to mention lilac, beautiful lilac. However, temperatures have risen, the birds are tweeting each morning and the sun sets… Continue reading Awaiting Spring…..

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Raspberry Slices…. a real Danish treat.

It is the winter break here and the boys and I have literally been chilling all week.  We’ve watched ‘Flushed away’ for the umtienth time, cycled to our local library, read books, fed the ducks and they have been playing a lot with Lego.  Today they’ve had a friend around and the house has been… Continue reading Raspberry Slices…. a real Danish treat.

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Snowy Saturdays….

snowy saturdays

On snowy Saturdays… mornings start late

and lattes are enjoyed in bed

Wood gets chopped for the fire

and dough gets rolled and filled with sweet cinnamon butter

Snowy Saturdays

Wooden sleighs get taken for a ride

and footprints are painted in the snow

Saturdays -2.jpg

Snowy Saturdays

Everyone enjoys the magic and the wonder

of the frost that brings delight….

Snowy Saturdays

long may the memory last

of snowy Saturdays

for now the stardust magic has melted away…..

Photography: Rochelle Coote

©Danish Exchange 2016


Pick of the Month

Happy New Year and an effortless elegant floral arrangement in a salad bowl…

Happy New Year! I can’t believe the first school week of the new year has come to an end.  I hope your year has started off with a bang.  Mine certainly did, quite literally!  I was honored and blessed to celebrate the arrival of the new year with some very special friends, and of course… Continue reading Happy New Year and an effortless elegant floral arrangement in a salad bowl…

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The light of the world…

christmas  Collage 2

This morning we lit the candle on our traditional Christmas cake and celebrated the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, the Light of the world…

CHristmas Collage

Wishing you all a very merry and blessed Christmas, whether you are still celebrating or not.  May your days be filled with peace and may 2016 be prosperous and filled with all things beautiful….

Love from us all here at Danish Exchange.

©Danish Exchange 2015


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Turning 40 and doing what I love……

It has been such a long time since I have been on here, but there are a few good reasons though.  So hopefully you will forgive me my long silence. First of all I turned 40 in October and to celebrate this rather big milestone, be it I still only feel about 25, we visited… Continue reading Turning 40 and doing what I love……